Welcome, friends.

I've graduated. I have a nice, new, shiny master's degree.  And now I find myself doing the same thing I've always done: fangirling over indie authors, squealing when poets inexplicably follow me back on Twitter—or better yet *accept*  my brazen Facebook friend requests—, and writing, always writing.

I've been told you can learn everything in grad school on your own and that the biggest benefits of grad school are the connections and the community. Finding your tribe. And I did. And I'm so grateful for those connections. We honestly rocked it, and we had a great supportive system. But grad school was so short.

The thing is, I've always had a tribe. It's the internet. I've grown up here, spent late nights in chat rooms, created sparkly gif-filled angelfire pages, poured my heart out to livejournal, and blogs of various sorts. And it was here that I found deep, philosophical conversations, critique partners, and some of the best, most heart-wrenching poets in the world, hiding their words behind screen names.

I want the best of both worlds. So, shiny master's degree in hand, I created a shiny, new website and blog—the umpteenth iteration of my basic desire to share all things creative with like-minded folks. Hopefully my internet friends, my grad school friends, old friends and new friends will all find me here and feel at home.

If you're interested...

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