Honest Feedback

This is something I've been mulling around in my brain for a while.

As a writer, I have often wanted honest feedback on a piece, whether it was in progress or completed. Through various websites, workshops, and classes, I have received amazing feedback. But it's limited. Two pieces per semester-long class. One poem posted to a poetry forum per week. And by then, the people giving you feedback know you. They invariably are also receiving feedback from you on their pieces. I think this creates a wall sometimes...people try to be honest, but there is still something holding them back, for fear of hurting your feelings.

There is something to be said for a fresh pair of eyes and, better yet, a fresh pair of eyes that is unfamiliar with your work. 

I have been critiquing fiction and poetry in some fashion for over twenty years. I am good at it. I love it.

I don't offer these services because I assume I am any better than you are as a writer or as a poet. I offer these services as a fresh pair of eyes. I charge money, because I want to spend time with your work and put effort into it, time and effort that would otherwise be spent building up my current freelancing business.

This isn't editing, and I'm not going to catch all of your typos. I'm going to offer my personal reactions and feedback, in the same way I would in a workshop setting, or on an online forum.


Poetry Critiques

For $10, I will critique your poem of up to two pages. I will identify what works and doesn't work for me, how your line breaks are working, how your form is working for you or against you. I will comment on the imagery, diction, syntax, sound, vowel movement, rhythm, rhyme, and other poetic devices you have used. I will offer suggestions for improvement

I will provide you with a critique letter - generally about a page long, but may be more or less, depending.

Short Story Critiques

For $20, I will critique your story of up to 2500 words. I will identify what works and does not work for me. I will note places of confusion, or where I wanted to know more. I will critique your pacing, plot, characterization, syntax, diction, and other suggestions for improvement.

I will provide you with a critique letter—generally about a page long, but may be more or less, depending.

Three Fates Editing

If you are looking something more in depth, I offer a full range of editorial services over at Three Fates Editing.